Bliss on a Sunday

Over the weekend I realized that the fear of rejection was holding me back, For way to long. My intentions are never going to be to have the perfect blog, but I do intend to allow myself the right to finally have this creative outlet that I have really been craving and holding onto for YEARS ! I realized I was letting FEAR block my blessings. (Confession: The fear of my blog being a flop is still very real in the back of my mind)- difference is this time Im letting faith lead instead of my fear .

I know that everyone won’t vibe with my blog, and that’s okay but even if one person takes interest I will be fulfilled. The more research I did realizing the information is endless as to what all really goes into a blog. I had to just start. Right here right now , on this Sunday morning.

I know this post will probably be a funny reflection some day. But I had to start . I needed to just start writing. I will worry About all that comes with this new journey as I grow . I hope someone somewhere resonates with my love to just create, without counting me out before I begin. I have to keep telling myself that I prayed for this opportunity. Publishing this first post is really me finally putting roots down in a part of life that I have wanted for so long.

slow down and enjoy the tender moments